Dope Meeting at Ciroc

The new and current ambassador of Ciroc, DBlack at a meeting today with the company.


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How It All Went Down at my First Beauty Shoot.

How It All Went Down at my First Beauty Shoot.

So last week I directed my very own Anne Arts Media beauty shoot which came to life after several months of procrastination, a couple weeks of doubt and a few days of fear. I had a blurry vision in mind of what kind of style I wanted to go for but that was later made clear after reading some photography books and skimming through magazine pages. Due to lack of props for a shoot too flamboyant and after drawing up what I had available to use, I decided to go for a basic beauty shoot.

Being the disorganized person that I am, although I had sent out emails for meeting dates with models to work with, that all went down the drain, leaving me to emergency scout on the day. This literally consisted of me approaching anyone I thought was weird looking in a good way, didn’t have what you’d consider generic beauty and had the model look.


Why I chose Elenor: She had a rare and unique look to her. What I was drawn to was her eyes, her skin and the way her freckles where nicely dotted on her cheeks. I also loved the contrast created between her hair and eyes. I imagined Russian. Russian dolly.


Why I chose Eliza: Eliza has a very cute innocent looking baby face which is very symetrical. Furthermore, her high cheekbones and slanted eyes makes her a rare beauty to be reckoned with and adored!


Why I chose Moohty: Her hair and the attitude in her walk was what caught my attention at first. Also her serious screw face which her low eyebrow bones promoted. She had the right skin, colour, swagger and face for me.


Why I chose Sidra: Sidra has some very attractive features such as her eyes, hair and caramel colored skin tone, which I though could work well for my beauty shoot.


Why I chose Meron:  Meron has a very defined jawbone and face shape. Also her smile, skin color and cheeky tomboyish attitude is what made her perfect for this shoot!

For this shoot, you know I had to be on point and bring in a top qaulity well experienced make up artist. I brought in Renu Plahe. She has worked in everything from video shoots, to weddings, catwalks and proms and did a great job in transforming my girls!

For lighting I used two soft-boxes and a beauty dish. I also used my Nikon D3100 but used an 85 1.4 lens which were non zoom. This meant I had to move forwards and backwards to take a range of shots and could only take head shots, which was what I wanted.

Here are my fave images of the end result after a 7-hour session in the studio.









Overall I was very pleased with myself and things had turned out better than I had expected. I organised absolutely everything myself, so I was the one who called the shots and told everybody what to do. It was my show.

On the other hand, I do need to work on my directional skills and learn how to be more in charge when directing.  Also I need to focus more on my angles and take more shots but in due time I will have fully grasped all aspects of beauty shoots and portrait photography.

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Giggs Friendly Response to Police.

So the police have yet again shut down another Hip Hop artists show (just a few days before its start date) due to doubts and fears that there might be trouble at the event. UK Hip Hop artist Giggs, who was due to perform at his ‘When Will it Stop’ show on the 15th of October, a few days before the release of his album, had informed his fans in a three minute YouTube Video apologizing to fans. This has come as a major disappointment for several fans who have not only long been anticipating this show but booked tickets,hotel reservations and made preparations for the night.

This isn’t the first time that an event has been cancelled by the police in the world of UK Hip Hop and the Urban Grime scene.

Link Up TV’s launch party which took place earlier this year, had been shut down due to fears and ‘hoax phone calls’ regarding firearms being present at the event. That event also had to be cancelled and rescheduled for another date.

At the So Solid Crew reunion show, artists such as Wretch 32 and Skepta were refused entry into the iconic O2 Arena due to reasons not fully explained by the police.

Watch the video here

Find out in my next post exactly why the police keep shutting down UK Hip Hop Events.

Makeup Show Live 2013



Over 3000 business owners, press and exhibitors are expected to gather at the Hilton Metropole on 6th October 2013, for the 2nd MAKE UP SHOW LIVE EVENT and concurrent events across the world to showcase and educate over 15,000 global visitors.

It will be a fun filled day of exhibiting beauty products and it will also include: beauty seminars, master classes and more to educate on consumer protection and enhanced skin health, encourage gender empowerment.


Visit this link to buy tickets




After the recent release of her latest single, “Feeling Good”, rising songstress Ezi Emela teamed up with 19-year old super producer, Pheelz, to record an acoustic blend of Beyonce’s “Party” and Burna Boy’s “Like to Party”.
While sharing her personal and free-spirited side, Ezi Emela gives us a raw sample of her melodic voice. Mr. Producer aka Pheelz completes the piece by matching her sound on the keys.



Stay in tune with Ezi Emela (@MsEziEmela) and Pheelz Mr. Producer (@PheelzontheBeat).